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March Book List + Gatlinburg Trip

Here’s the books I read last month and a quick review for each (I didn’t give myself enough time to write this post because 1. I procrastinate and 2. My family traveled to Gatlinburg, Tennessee last week):

Stars Above by Marissa Meyer

After reading the Lunar Chronicles, you may still have some questions about character backstories and what happened to the main characters after the battle in Winter. Stars Above is a collection of short stories answering many, if not all of those questions. Marissa Meyer is a great writer and doesn’t disappoint! Although a couple of the stories contain some wrong moral choices (eg. having a baby outside of marriage). This book was an enjoyable and insightful (in relation to the Lunar Chronicles) read! I rate it a 4/5 stars!

Outlaws of Time: The Legend of Sam Miracle by N. D. Wilson

This book is a wild and exciting ride! Very strange and wonderful and mind-twisting. You see, there’s this seemingly normal boy named Sam Miracle who lives on a ranch with 12 other boys. Sam can’t bend his arms at the elbow because they were fractured in a serious accident he can’t remember. Sam is a daydreamer. He dreams of being his book hero Poncho and shooting the evil outlaws to protect his sister!

Then he meets this girl named Gloria, an old man named Tiny, and a priest who uses the sands of time to move them backwards and forewords in time! Sam realizes that his world -his whole life- is so much bigger then the little ranch in Texas. Perhaps his vivid daydreams weren’t dreams at all… All he knows is that he has to rescue his sister and vanquish the villain -the Vulture- who hovers over time, wreaking havoc wherever he is, and who’s goal is to destroy Sam.

This book is pretty cool! And so are Sam’s new snake arms! I’ll let you read the book and find out how in the world he gets those. I rate this book a 5/5 stars!

I’ll add a bit about my trip to Gatlinburg here, just in case you’re curious.

Our first stop was Dollywood, where we met up with some friends from church.

Guys, I got to ride my first rollercoaster! It also happened to be the tallest one there: the Wild Eagle! It was also the first ride I went on, and the last two, because my friend Kaitlyn and I were all for the thrill! I have to say though, the first trip around the bends and loops was pure terror! The only thing that kept me together was squeezing my eyes shut half the time and screaming the whole time… if you consider that keeping myself together.

So that day was a blast!

The next few days we attended the Inter-church Holiness Convention (IHC), our main reason for coming to Gatlinburg. There I had a wonderful time talking with friends (mostly just my youth group lol), attending great services, visiting IHC booths, and walking the streets of Gatlinburg with said youth group.

You may remember last year we stayed in a cabin and had a little *ahem* misadventure that I posted about. Something I called a “Tennessee Bear Scare!” (click to read the post!). Well, this year we again lodged in a lodge, but thankfully this time no bears showed up at our doorstep.

I guess I can’t complete this post without showing you the knives I purchased from Knife Works, a huge knife store in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee:

Set of six tiny knives
“Comb knife,” cause I don’t know what else to call it XD

*me having a whole photoshoot with my knives* 😆

Well, that’s all for now Hobbitses. I hope you have a blessed Easter and take time to reflect on Jesus’ sacrifice for us and His glorious resurrection!


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