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May Book List + drawing myself as Lady Sabine

Hey there, Hobbitses! It’s been a while. Not a very productive reading month for me, but here’s the one book I read:

For Love and Honor by Jody Hedlund

Despite the girl on the cover being very elegant- looking and beautiful, Lady Sabine really isn’t all that. She has dull brown hair and a freckled plain face. Neither of those things really hinder her from finding a suitor for she is also very witty and wealthy. However, she has a big purple scar, which could brand her a witch if anyone knows of it, so she makes sure to wear gloves at all times. Also, she loves art and that’s how she meets Sir Bennet.

Who is Sir Bennet? Sir Bennet is a dashing young knight who’s family is head over heals in debt, and it is all his brother’s fault. The only thing he can do is make an advantageous match, but what wealthy woman would want to marry a poor man like him? And what about true love? Must he lose the castle and the wealth of paintings within (which are heirlooms and he hates to part with) to save his honor?

I don’t read books like this all the time, since they all tend to have similar story lines, but I enjoyed reading this for a change. Since the author is a Christian, I didn’t have to worry about bad morals or language. Not saying some parts weren’t a little cheesy, and that I wasn’t very disappointed with some characters’ choices in the story, but I’ll definitely give it a 4/5!

So I thought, “what would make this blog post a bit more interesting?” And then I thought “aha! A drawing.” I figured it should have something to do with the book, and I immediately thought of drawing a more accurate depiction of Lady Sabine. I decided I referenced my own face, and then realized I look nothing like how I imagined Lady Sabine to look like. But I still went with it, and here’s the drawing process in 5 steps:


Hopefully it’ll clean up as I add the shading.


I don’t usually do hair first, but when I do I’m more likely to finish the drawing. This is the first step with a 4B pencil. I tried not to get too lost while navigating through the curls.
I don’t know if blending it all out with a blending stump is what I was supposed to do. But we’ll see what happens.
I used an 8B pencil for the darks and pulled out the highlights with my friend, Kneaded Eraser and a hard eraser. I’m glad to finally move on to my favorite part of the drawing process!

3. THE FACE (my favorite part)

Part one of the face shading process. I used my 4B pencil and a bit of my 8B, along with a paper stump and tortillion for blending. Need to work more on the values to really bring the drawing to life, so it doesn’t end up looking flat.
It’s looking better. Not quite smooth enough (maybe has something to do with the quality of paper I used. Or the tequnique), but let’s move on.


Hooray! It’s almost done!


The “finishing touches” included some 8B pencil to darken and add more contrast to some areas, and also some white gel pen which made the tiny highlights (like in her eyes and the beads) pop. And so now I can present to you Lady Emmabine… or Sabemma.

So, what was the point of this drawing again? Oh, yeah, I was supposed to be making a more “accurate” depiction of Lady Sabine. Well, the point was kinda lost, because that’s not the way it turned out, but hey, I made some art to share with you, dear Hobbitses!

In conclusion, I hope you enjoyed this blog post almost as much as I enjoyed making it! Have a great rest of your week!


10 thoughts on “May Book List + drawing myself as Lady Sabine

  1. Oh my goodness, this looks AMAZING!!! 🤩 It looks so realistic, and I love all the details.
    I don’t know whether this is what the character is supposed to look like or not because I haven’t read the book, but I would definitely read a story about this character. 😉

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