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February Book List + Bible Study Thoughts

Goodness, I was expecting to read more then one book this month! It seems like ages since I finished it since it was earlier this month. Anyways, here it is:

Winter by Marissa Meyer

Winter, the grand finale of The Lunar Chronicles! This book is the thickest one of the series, and halfway through the book you’re still wondering how on earth Queen Levana can be defeated. I assure you, Winter will keep you on your toes the entire time, and you’ll probably shed a few tears along the way if your anything like me.

Last time I went to the library I picked up the second two books of a trilogy I’ve been wanting to read for a long time, along with another trilogy by the same author. Hopefully you’ll be hearing from me about them at the end of March!

This month my church has been doing a ladies’ Bible study. The book we are using is called Seeking Him, by Nancy Leigh DeMoss & Tim Grissom. It’s on revival, and I thought I’d share some things I’ve been learning.

  • God wants to hear from me. Yeah, I already knew that in the back of my mind, but one lady shared how she had a word from God one night. As she was crying out to Him, He told her, “I’m hanging on to every word.” How precious is that?
  • Refusing to open up about things to God and others is harmful, but honesty eases stress. That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be wise about who we confide in and what about, but remember, God is always there to talk to.
  • When I repay someone for the wrong thing they did towards me, that’s vengeance. When that person is sentenced to be punished as they deserved, that’s justice. When I plead on their behalf and they’re spared, that’s mercy. But when I not only pardon them, but go the extra mile and take them into my home and love and care for them like a close family member, that’s grace.
  • Part of a quote by John MacArthur: “God’s grace was sufficient for the deepest pain Paul (or any other believer) could ever experience.”

I hope you have a blessed rest of the week, Hobbitses!


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