My Spotify Wrapped – the Songs

Good afternoon, Hobbitses! Yesterday I posted about my top five listened to artists on Spotify in 2022 (for KING & COUNTRY, Coldplay, Apollo LTD, John Michael Howell, and Noah Schnacky). However, none of my top five songs were by any of those artists. My top five songs: “Heat Waves” by Glass Animals, “Good” by Branan… Continue reading My Spotify Wrapped – the Songs

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May Book List + drawing myself as Lady Sabine

Hey there, Hobbitses! It’s been a while. Not a very productive reading month for me, but here’s the one book I read: For Love and Honor by Jody Hedlund Despite the girl on the cover being very elegant- looking and beautiful, Lady Sabine really isn’t all that. She has dull brown hair and a freckled… Continue reading May Book List + drawing myself as Lady Sabine

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Spring Joy Photography Tag!

Yay! Another blogger tag already, Hobbitses! Thanks to Emily Bollenbacher from Rooted Scribbles who tagged me! I enjoyed walking through nature and taking pictures of beautiful things to share with you all. Just think of how many flowers bloom, leaves grow, and trees sprout that never get noticed and appreciated by the human eye. And… Continue reading Spring Joy Photography Tag!

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Happy 1 Year Bloggiversary! (new blog button included)

Dear Hobbitses, looks like I’m back sooner then I expected to post two days in a row! I’m glad I checked the date when I did so I didn’t forget this very special day! I think I dashed into this whole blogging business without much careful thought, Hobbitses, as I’m prone to do with many… Continue reading Happy 1 Year Bloggiversary! (new blog button included)

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February Book List + Bible Study Thoughts

Goodness, I was expecting to read more then one book this month! It seems like ages since I finished it since it was earlier this month. Anyways, here it is: Winter by Marissa Meyer Winter, the grand finale of The Lunar Chronicles! This book is the thickest one of the series, and halfway through the… Continue reading February Book List + Bible Study Thoughts