My Spotify Wrapped – the Songs

Good afternoon, Hobbitses! Yesterday I posted about my top five listened to artists on Spotify in 2022 (for KING & COUNTRY, Coldplay, Apollo LTD, John Michael Howell, and Noah Schnacky). However, none of my top five songs were by any of those artists.

My top five songs: “Heat Waves” by Glass Animals, “Good” by Branan Murphy, “Give Up On Love” and “Saved” by Joseph O’Brien, and “Better” by Mike Donehey.

For me, “Heat Waves” was the song of the summer. I heard it in TikTok videos and thought it was catchy. So I listened to it. 84 times.

Remember how I was introduced to the song “DNA” by Apollo LTD in my previous post? Well, my story with “Good” by Branan Murphy basically started the same way. Spotify kept recommending and playing it for me and gradually it grew to be one of my favorite songs of the year. The message of the song is that despite all the hardships life throws our way, we can be assured of the fact that “everything meant for evil You turn to good.”

Joseph O’Brien is a young Christian singer who may not have many songs out, but those songs are good. This includes “Give Up On Love,” which is about his search for true love and “Saved,” which talks about how God reached down and “drew my heart out from the crashing waves.” You may remember a post I’ve done called Thoughts on Job’s Declaration that was inspired by one of his songs.

The fifth song on the list, “Better” by Mike Donehey wasn’t one I thought of when thinking about my most listened to songs on Spotify, but apparently I listened to it a lot. I like Tenth Avenue North and I like Mike Donehey. This rather melancholy song basically talks about how life is hard and “tell me, it’s gonna get better,” a prayer I believe we can all relate to at times.

Before I end this post, I’ll tell you my Spotify listening personality. I was…*drumroll* The Devotee: FNLU (familiarity, newness, loyalty, and uniqueness). The description said “when you love an artist, you really love them,” and I agree.

Well, that’s all for today, Hobbitses! I hope to do a post soon of some of my art from this past year of 2022, so stay tuned for that! Happy New Year’s Eve!


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