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Reptile String Adventures!

In this post, Hobbitses, I’m going to tell you all me and my family’s snake adventures (at least the main ones so far), and if you aren’t crazy about snakes then this post might not be for you. But who knows, you might still enjoy it! Before I tell you all the crazy stories, here’s… Continue reading Reptile String Adventures!

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Ellie has a blog now!!

Dear Hobbitses, I promise I have not forgotten you! I have several posts in the draft stage now. But for now I just wanted to let you now that my sister Eliana has a blog now called Radiant for the Lord! Lovely title, right? She is a young lady of many talents, including playing piano,… Continue reading Ellie has a blog now!!

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How to Draw… an Eye!

Yay Hobbitses! My first step-by-step drawing tutorial! Sorry I haven’t posted in such a loooong time😬 I’ve been having internet problems. Anyways, I decided to draw an eye because people think I’m good at them :). But I’m NOT a professional; I’m mostly self taught. I hope this tutorial is helpful! The reference photo I’ll… Continue reading How to Draw… an Eye!